I get asked a lot of questions in a given day. More often than not, they tend to be related to the same topic. The most popular one is garage door replacement. It’s so common that I’ve dedicated an entire blog to answer these frequently asked questions for you.

How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

While it is difficult to give an exact price, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $800 - $1,500 for the most common types of garage doors. However, pricing will vary according to size, strength, design, material, insulation, and construction.

When Do I Need a Garage Door Replacement?

If your garage door is not in proper operating order, the door could be a potential safety hazard. If you are unsure about what to do next, contact a professional to take a look.

Should I Use a Professional Installer?

Garage doors are the largest moving objects in your home and business. Installation of garage doors is highly technical. Springs can be particularly dangerous and proper installation is critical to the performance of your door and the safety of those who use it. American Door Works' professional technicians can typically install a door in only a few hours and are careful to make sure all safety requirements are met. A professional installation will save you time and guarantee that your door performs safely and effectively.

Where Do I Find My Owner’s Manual?

The manufacturer of your garage door opener will provide you with a hard copy of the owner’s manual at time of purchase. It is recommended to store this information in a secure, easy to access location. We provide a plastic sleeve to hold your owner's manual, along with a warranty card, and important maintenance information. Many manufacturers now have owner’s manuals available for download on their website as well.

What Is the Standard Garage Door Size?

The standard residential garage door is 16 ft x 7 ft or 9 ft x 7 ft. To accomodate extra head room, residential garage doors can also be 16 ft x 8 ft or 9 ft x 8 ft in size as well. Single doors are perfect for one car, minimal home storage, and an “extra” stall. Double garage doors are ideal for more than one vehicle, bigger vehicles, or recreational storage.

Are Special Sizes Available?

Almost any size door is available for order. Limitations vary between models and manufacturers.

Can My Garage Door Be Painted?

Steel garage doors can be painted with a quality latex paint. I do not recommend an oil based paint, as it will cause the original finish to bubble and peel. Latex paint requires no prep work other than a clean, dry garage door.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Professional inspections are recommended once per year. A spring and fall assessment to evaluate the overall functionality, appearance, and condition of your garage door is also a good habit to practice. Taking proper care of your garage door will help make sure you get the most life and use out of it.

Does a Garage Door Replacement Include the Opener?

The Garage door and garage door opener are two separate purchases. Replacement of each will be based on the age, condition, and functionality. Once you choose the perfect garage door replacement, you’ll want to select an opener you can depend on. Your choices will affect the speed, lifting ability, quietness and smoothness of operation.

What Should I Do with My Old Garage Door?

One advantage of a professional installation can include proper removal and disposal of your old garage door. If you’re looking to repurpose parts of your old door, check out some of these clever ideas.


If you’re still not certain on where to start, we’re here to help. These FAQs are guidelines to help with the most common questions when you are considering a garage door replacement. If you still have more questions, contact us today for a free consultation.