These blustery Minnesota winters sure take their toll, don’t they? While I love Minnesota and all of its seasons, each one comes with a few unique struggles. And during winter, one of the top complaints I hear from homeowners and business owners alike is heating costs. While it’s an absolute necessity to heat our interiors during these months, there are some steps we can take to prevent losing heat through garage doors.


Homeowners who have heated garages can lose heat in any number of ways. To hold onto as much heat as possible, ensure your garage door closes properly, maintains a tight seal, and is insulated.

Weather-Stripping a Heated Garage

Weather-stripping a garage door can help you hold onto more heat as well. If you had weather-stripping done in the past, you might consider having it checked. Even a tiny crack can quickly pull warm air outside, allowing heating costs to increase.

The most common ways weather-stripping cracks or gets damaged is by changes in moisture – like when the air loses its moisture at the onset of winter – and corrosion from a combination of salt, sand, and the door opening and closing.

Quality Hardware for Heated Garage Doors

One way to prevent heat loss is by having proper hardware installed. Broken springs, damaged hinges, and flimsy tracks can cause your garage door to easily lose heat. With proper hardware in place, your garage door will create a proper seal and retain more heat. One popular piece of hardware, especially for commercial overhead doors, are green hinges. They are specially designed to lower energy use.


During cold, winter days, there can be anywhere from a 60 to 100-degree difference between the air inside and the air outside. If your garage door or commercial overhead door is heated, you’ll want to keep as much heat from escaping as possible.

Autumn through early winter is our most common season for providing both preventative maintenance and weather-stripping to residential and commercial customers. If you’d like to have a technician perform any services or maintenance checks, schedule a service.