Fire drop doors are an amazing piece of fire protection technology, and these special doors can mean a drastic reduction in the scope and scale of business fires. In the event of a fire, fire drop doors close providing a protective barrier between the fire and valuable company assets. Because of this unique protection, fire drop doors have the potential to save a company millions of dollars in material and personnel costs. Additionally, certain types of companies are required by law to utilize fire drop doors.


The causes of commercial and industrial fires are as numerous and varied as Minnesota winter road conditions. However, the one thing all commercial and industrial fires share is that they are never planned, except in extreme cases of arson, which is why it is imperative for businesses to test their fire drop doors yearly: so, business owners and stakeholders can be confident of their protection.

Every piece of equipment will fail, because nothing runs forever. While it would be great to know the exact moment something will break, business owners are seldom afforded such an opportunity. Rather, business owners rely on inspection and upkeep to keep equipment running, which is why—in order to ensure this protection—it is wise to receive professional, yearly fire drop door testing and maintenance. Perhaps it is extra wise, since you’ve already made the smart business decision to utilize fire drop doors in the business’ fire prevention plan.


Aside from being a sound business decision and smart safety practice, receiving yearly testing on fire doors is required for compliance with the National Fire Protection Associate code 80. Additionally, some insurance companies require yearly testing to maintain policy validity, which is why having fire drop doors serviced and maintained by a professional must include not only the servicing and maintenance of the fire drop doors, but records of the service and maintenance as well to ensure that the business is insured.

If you’d like to set up fire drop doors for your business, or have them serviced by a team of professionals, contact American Door Works. We’ve served hundreds of businesses just like yours in Central Minnesota and are committed to providing quality parts and service to every customer.