driving up your driveway, fingers crossed that your door will open.

The snow has been melting off the roof and the sides of the drive are melting and running towards the garage door. It’s 50/50 chance that your door will open when you hit the button.

3 Options: Opens, Opens Hesitantly, Doesn't Open

Opens: No problem, you drive in without any worry

Opens Hesitantly: Door doesn’t open on command of the remote, but then suddenly pops off the ground and opens as it’s wobbling up the track

Doesn’t Open: Sit in your car and hit the button again and again, clearly something is wrong with the car remote, so you drive closer and try again

We've seen it all and have a few tricks to offer you to help prevent your garage door from being suck down.

We Recommend:

1. Squeegee any water from around or under the garage door. Easier said than done, but it will help get the majority away and stay away.

2. Prior to opening door in the morning or when coming home at night tap the bottom section near the ground with your foot across the entire door, especially in the corners to break up the ice beneath the door.

A few things we do not recommend are:

1. Putting de-icing salt down near the door when the door is in the down position. This leads to the paint rusting away very quickly on the garage door.

2. If the door doesn’t open, don’t push the button more than two times. When you push the button, that activates the garage door opener motor and the arm is trying to open the door. Even if you don’t hear or see any movement, it’s turning a gear inside the motor. That gear is designed to strip out after trying to turn something that will not move. It’s a safety precaution so the top of your garage door doesn’t bend in half from the pressure that the opener is trying to get the door open.

As always, we are here to help with any questions or service needs you have have.