Ensuring your loading dock runs smoothly is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Issues with loading dock garage doors can quickly disrupt the day-to-day operations of your company. This potential disruption is why staying on top of commercial loading dock door maintenance is critical.

A Checklist for Loading Dock Door Maintenance

Loading dock door maintenance isn’t just necessary for keeping your business running as efficiently as possible - it’s also vital for safety. To keep your employees safe, commercial garage door maintenance is a must. Here are some tips for performing monthly loading dock door maintenance:

Schedule Inspections

Regular inspections of your commercial garage doors are the key to spotting areas that need attention. Put a monthly inspection on the schedule where you look for problem signs like loose hardware, rusting components, fraying wires, or worn cables.

Lubricate the Door

Making sure the garage door is properly lubricated will ensure smooth operation. When applying lubricant, make sure you hit all the metal parts and avoid parts made of plastic, like the rollers.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is required to prevent gunk and debris from building up and disrupting the function of your loading dock door. Keep all the essential components of the door clean and note signs of wear during the cleaning process to address later with replacements.

Check the Bumper Pads and Guardrails

Inspect the dock bumpers and guardrails regularly. These components prevent damage from occurring to the garage door. You should replace them if they’re torn, loose, or showing obvious signs of wear.

Rely on American Door Works for Long-Term Maintenance

Effective commercial garage door maintenance isn’t just about scheduling monthly inspections on your own. To take your loading dock door maintenance to the next level, having a professional maintenance service on your team is essential.

Regular check-ups from the American Door Works Preventative Maintenance Program help spot potential issues and address them quickly, keeping your loading dock running as smoothly as possible.

If you run into issues with your loading dock equipment and need replacements or are simply looking to upgrade to higher-quality loading dock doors, American Door Works can help.

For effective long-term maintenance and loading dock door support, rely on American Door Works! Our team can determine which equipment suits your needs, considering dock height, door dimensions, weather conditions, and intended usage. Contact us today and schedule a service.