Garage doors date back thousands of years. Modern garage doors come in many styles and feature different functionalities. These days, we can operate and monitor our home garage doors with the flick of a switch, a touch of a button, or even an app on our phone.

The Garage door of a home acts as a barrier from pests, home intruders, and a safe place for storage. From the first days of electric garage doors, technology has advanced the role and usability of the average residential garage door. Let’s take a look at a few of our tech-savvy door features.

Wireless and Keyless Entry Systems

Having a spare garage door key or opener is handy, but your garage door can be even more accessible to your family with a keyless entry system. Using a keypad, up to four garage doors can be opened using a unique PIN code programmed to your garage unit. You’ll never again have to worry about forgetting a key, dead batteries from an opener, or if certain family members have what they need to get inside.

The keyless entry systems from American Door works also come with available feature options. You can choose to include backlit keys to ease nighttime use, one-button-to-close features, and temporary passwords. Give house sitters, service people, or visiting relatives a temporary password to enter the garage or your home without giving them your regular code.

Smartphone Technology

Monitor your home from anywhere at any time with alerts sent right to your smartphone! You can receive alerts when your garage door is opened or remains opened for an extended period (a duration you can set yourself). Control your door or gate remotely and give access to anyone who may need it, even when you are not at home. Discover more about MyQ Technology monitoring and gate control options.

Remote Light Switches

Along with control of your garage door, American Door works offers you the opportunity to turn lights on and off from anywhere using your smartphone or garage door opener remote control. Enhance the security in your home, even when no one is around. Save money on utility bills by programming the lights in your yard and garage with energy efficiency in mind.

Remote light switches run in conjunction with other smart garage door features. Some require the LiftMaster Internet Gateway, LiftMaster Security+ 2.0® Garage Door Openers, Security+ 2.0® remote controls, or accessories enabled with LiftMaster MyQ Technology.

Laser Parking Assistance

Is your garage door a bit snug? Do you have a lot of possessions and toys stored in your garage and need to make the most of your space? Using a Laser garage Parking Assistant, you can park in the same spot every time. The laser turns on automatically as you enter the garage and lines up with a predetermined spot on your dash. This signals that you have pulled in far enough and helps you determine exactly where to stop.

At American Door Works, we carry all the major brands and tech accessories for residential doors and openers. Our technicians can improve your residential garage door and update your home security at the same time. Contact us today for a quote.