Or as we call it in Central Minnesota, sunshine turns into rain and hail, turns into snow and then a tornado comes through. In early spring the weather in our area, Mother Nature has a mind of her own and sometimes like to give us all the seasons in the same day!

If your home gets hit with strong winds and hail and are having your home assessed for damage, be sure to check the garage door also. Chances are if the siding or windows have hail dents, your garage door may also. Another trigger should be if there were strong winds, check the garage door for any creases or folds as garage doors are the largest moving object on your home and are susceptible for damage.

Here is the information we'll need in order to help you replace your garage doors:

  1. What is the size of the door?
  2. How many sections make up the door?
  3. What is the color?
  4. What is the style of door?

Most of this information should be on a sticker on the edge of the door in the track.

If you have more than one garage door and only one is damaged, you’ll need to mention that to your insurance company and get approval to replace both doors so they match.

Our staff is more than happy to help you work through the claim with you and help you work with insurance to ensure a smooth process.