you want your kids to be active, right?

They want to practice in the off season, they want to shoot pucks with neighbors or practice

pitching prior to try outs. We have a solution that will leave you worry free when all the neighbor kids come over. The Sport Screen comes in standard sizes of 16’ and 10’ wide and up to 9’ high. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

The Sport Screen can be mounted on the face of the garage door, inside the garage or in the basement on a wall. There are a few mounting options when using the screen on your garage door, but we recommend your garage door be in the open position when using the screen. There are 2 options to move the screen up and down. There is a manual option with a crank pole and a motorized option with a remote. Both options are very easy to operate for both kids and adults.

The accessories that come with this screen are sure to meet the variety of sports your kids are interested in. There are 3 targets to add to the screen – a hockey goalie, lacrosse goalie and a baseball/softball catcher. Along with specific targeted circles to guarantee they are practicing the corners where the goalie is not!