Another busy year is almost in the books. With fall already here, it’s the perfect time to make sure your garage door is functioning properly. We’ve outlined four tips for every handy person to do their own diy garage door maintenance. Keep reading for our guide, and schedule any maintenance you can’t do without our expertise and equipment.

One: Handle Obvious Damage

Every year, thousands of people hit garage doors with their vehicles. Additionally, a door can come slipping off its tracks or even malfunction completely. You might be surprised to learn that in many cases these issues are neglected by owners. But this mindset can cause further issues down the line--such as the door not functioning at all or dange to those passing under it. If you have any obvious structural damage to your garage door, be sure to handle them as they occur to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Two: Noting the Less Obvious

One of the best garage door maintenance tips we can impart is to use your senses. First, closely inspect the garage door with your eyes. Be sure to note if it has any sagging sections. You should also make sure that panels don't sag when you halt it at the halfway point in the closing cycle. Note any damages and write them down. Plenty of homeowners are capable of doing a little diy garage door maintenance to spruce up their doors.

Next you should use your ears. Listen while your door closes. Can you hear any strange sounds? Pay attention and note any grating, banging, or straining. These sounds can be indicative of hidden damage to your unit. These are often easy to fix with replacement parts like panels, rollers, or motors.

There are even a few more nuances that our technicians look for. For instance, take a look at your electric bill. A weak motor can be costing you a few dollars every month in additional power, especially if you have multiple doors with improper horsepower.

Three: Follow A Garage Door Maintenance Schedule

Lastly, establishing a garage door maintenance schedule is a key step to making sure you have a functioning garage door. For best results, give your garage door a thorough inspection and round of testing once a year. If your door is in need of maintenance, schedule a repair or order parts from an approved source.

Keeping Things Rolling

Follow these three tips to make sure your garage door is not only functioning properly, but will also continue to do so. Need any help, be sure to browse our pages and book any complex repairs with us.