When you’re researching how to optimize your garage door, the garage door opener itself is probably one of the last features that comes to mind. While the function of a garage door opener should be straightforward in theory, not all garage door openers are created equally.

There are many important features to consider when selecting the best garage door opener for your business or home, from power to drive type. Taking the time to pick out the best rated garage door opener from the get-go can make a big difference in how well your garage door operates.

Look Into the Power

There is no one answer for what power level the best garage door opener has. The amount of horsepower that will work best for your garage door depends on the specifics of the door itself, including its weight and size. The average garage door on a residential home can typically use a garage door opener with one-half horsepower, while a heavier or more industrial door will commonly need three-fourths horsepower.

Pick a Drive Type

Another essential feature to consider when selecting the best garage door opener is the type of drive system that powers the opener. There are several options that homeowners can choose.

Chain Drives

Models with a chain drive rely on a metal chain to open and close the garage door. Generally, these openers are more affordable and reliable, but also tend to be noisier and create more vibrations when used.

Belt Drives

Instead of a metal chain, belt drive garage door openers use a belt to open and close the door. As a result, the door can move smoothly, and less noise is created. Belt drive openers are on the more expensive end of the spectrum.


Instead of functioning through an overhead rail like chain and belt drives, jackshaft door openers are located on the side of a garage door. They produce less noise than other openers, save space, and offer more security. However, jackshafts tend to have a high cost.

Picking the right drive type for your door opener involves weighing factors like how much you want to spend, how much noise is acceptable, and how much room you have for the opener.

Check for Smart Features

When searching for the best garage door opener, consider looking for one with a modern design. Here are some top features to look for in the best smart garage door opener:

●Smartphone compatibility

●Wi-Fi connectivity

●Keyless entry

●Battery backup

●Remote control

Find the Best Garage Door Opener with American Door Works

Ultimately, the best garage door opener is the one that meets your individual needs. If you need advice on finding a door opener with the right horsepower, drive type, and convenient smart features for your home or business, the experts at American Door Works can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.