A garage door’s fire rating is an important fact to consider when choosing between different doors. Certain industries may even require a certain threshold of fire protection from a company’s garage door. Because of this, commercial properties need to be especially mindful of garage door fire ratings.

Determining Garage Door Fire Rating

Garage door fire ratings are determined by how hard, or easy, it is for the fire to spread from the garage to other areas of the home or business. These fire doors are instrumental in ensuring the safety or the workers, or renters, inside.

Use a quality installer

Dubious contractors may attempt to skimp on the door frame itself, since it is not specifically mentioned in the statute regarding fire protection. For this reason, contractors, homeowners, and business owners need to especially diligent in making sure they hire a quality company such as American Door Works to ensure that the entirety of their door is sufficient in its fire protection.

How is garage door fire rating determined?

The largest change to the fire protection quality in a door is what it is made from. Steel doors have a higher fire protection threshold than their wooden counterparts; however, a solid wood door will feature more fire protection than a hollow counterpart.

Safety is personal

Just like the choice to fireproof bedroom doors, every door has the possibility to provide fire protection, should you choose to use a door with an adequate fire protection rating. Only you know where you need to protect and where you can save money by going with a lesser door.

Having a door with a window also decreases the fire rating of the door. While it may seem beneficial to be able to see into the garage, creating a viewing space can often be done without impacting the safety of the office workers and patrons.

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