The Problem with Current Garage Doors

You may not think anything is currently wrong with your garage door and garage door openers, but we can assure you that there’s always room for improvement. It may surprise you to know that you can drastically increase the warmth in your garage, improve your energy bill, and make an impact on the environment by opting for energy-efficient garage doors.

Staying Warm in Winter

Garage doors play an essential role in keeping your house warm. Energy-efficient garage doors maintain adequate heat, while inefficient solutions let heat escape. This means that the inside of your garage can become quite cold in winter. If this is the case, there are some consequences associated with a cold garage.

For one, if you use your garage as a workspace, then you’ll undoubtedly suffer from a cold garage. Thousands of Americans rely on the space in their garage for doing handy work or frequently accessing storage. In addition, a cold garage may also negatively impact stored vehicles. Car batteries and motor oil can seize up from frigid temperatures, leading to slow starts and impromptu repairs. Keeping your garage warm guarantees a safe environment for you to work in and stow your car at the end of a long day.

Saving Money on Energy

An energy-efficient garage door can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill. Your mind may first wander to the residential implications of this, reminding you of your last statement from the electric company. But now, we want you to think of the commercial implications as well.

If you own a business with multiple loading bays, each of those bays probably has a door. We’ve already mentioned doors’ tendency to leak energy during the winter months. If each garage door is slowly leaking energy from your building, just think of the energy cost that rises with each door you have installed. Energy-efficient garage doors are critical for business owners who are looking to save money on their monthly utilities.

Exploring Environmental Benefits

In today’s world, many businesses are seeking to reduce their ecological footprint. Because newer doors are energy-friendly, they are also eco-friendly by extension. Eco-friendly garage doors don’t leak energy, meaning that you’ll need to generate less power to operate your business. Homeowners also benefit, as eco-friendly garage doors impact the amount of energy that you use every day.

If environmental concerns are important to you, one of the most accessible places to start is limiting your energy use. An eco-friendly garage door is a simple change that can make you feel like you’re making a difference. You’ll see the proof for this change reflected each month in your statement from the power company.

New tech is terrific. Improved garage doors and garage door openers allow you to lower our energy consumption and cost overnight. This improvement is an easy change, especially with help from experts, like the ones you’ll find at American Door Works. Contact us now to see how we can save you hundreds on your energy costs and reduce your power consumption with energy-efficient garage doors.