Your garage door serves multiple purposes. Not only is it the major access point to your home, it provides other opportunities. Storage, workspace and security are a few that come to mind. Think beyond just the opening and closing of your garage door. Think longevity, curb appeal, home value, and personality. I’m going to share a few ideas you can incorporate to do just that.


Windows serve a dual purpose: function and appearance. Natural light shines in during the day, creating an organic source to light your workspace and garage area. At night, windows create depth and a warm glow to welcome you home. Did you know that up to 70% of your home’s façade is your garage door? It creates a focal point that you can build on with exterior block, siding, and even the detail or color of your front door. Windows add beautiful detail to your garage, increasing your curb appeal.

Windows can be clear, tinted, or opaque. Which window options are available depends upon the garage door’s style. Shape details such as starbursts, arches, and grids, are some of the many configurations available. Windows can put a finishing touch on your garage door design style, complimenting your home’s exterior. They are an efficient way to add interest and increase performance in your garage.


Think about color in terms of enhancing your home. Do you have a bold personality? If so, reflect it with a pop of color on your garage door. Is there a theme you’re aiming to achieve? Allow this to translate through the treatment and dimension of color. Don’t be afraid of color. Embrace it. Let it work with and for you. If you want a garage door in uniform with the rest of your home, own that decision. There are no rules with color, only the ones that you create.

Use tonal contrast to your advantage. You can do this by pulling from the natural elements that already exist on your home. Brick, vinyl or wood siding, stucco, stone, and cladding are common exterior materials. Within those materials lie color, natural color. The brown tones of the stone or red tints in the brick are natural color elements. Use these colors as a starting place to expand on. Stay in the same color family of the natural color or pull in a contrast. The color wheel is also a great tool.


Add character, charm, and detail to your garage door with decorative hardware. These finishing touches make a big impact. Here are some accessory options for your garage door:

  • Hinge
  • Strap
  • Handle
  • Plate
  • Knocker

These are available in a number of material finishes, including smooth, hammered, and matte to name a few. Installing hardware is easy and takes less than an hour.


So you’re ready to incorporate one or a couple of these ideas. What’s next? First, solidify your decisions and direction. Gather all of your preferences in one place. Whether it’s a good old fashioned notebook, photos on your phone, or an inspiration board on Pinterest, collect it all. Second, find the similarities in your preferences. You’ll start to notice a theme. Embrace your style. Finally, keep an open mind for this long-term investment. Garage doors aren’t meant to be replaced on a regular basis. Make sure you think beyond the basics with the ideas I’ve shared above.

When you’re ready to bring it all to life, we’re here to help