The decision to purchase a new garage door is not to be taken lightly. There are countless decisions – material, design, function, cost, and everything in-between. Since garage doors are one of those products with a long time between purchases, you’re wise to take your time. The garage door you choose is going to be yours for the long-haul.

When you work with a trusted brand, you can be rest assured they’re doing everything they can to get you the best product to meet your needs and your budget. Even when you’ve worked with the best and performed your due diligence, there are some factors near impossible to account for. In fact, those impossible factors are a big reason why we offer warranties with all of our new garage door purchases.


With American Door Works, your garage door warranty begins the moment installation wraps. That’s because during installation, your garage door is still under the care of our technicians. When installation is complete, ownership officially transfers, and your warranty begins. Your garage door warranty most likely can be transferred, meaning if your garage comes under new ownership, the warranty is still valid.


When you purchase from American Door Works, we warranty your purchase. New doors and openers are covered by a minimum one-year warranty on both material and workmanship. Beyond that, your springs are warrantied for five years. Outside the basic coverage, several of our doors and openers have extended material warranties that reach past the first year. Be sure to inquire about what warranty you can expect from your garage door purchase.

Besides new garage door purchases, we also warranty our services and repairs. When you receive service and repair work, American Door Works provides a 90-day warranty on parts and a 30-day warranty on labor.


Working with American Door Works results in more than just a transaction. We don’t sell garage doors and expect you to purchase additional warranties. We know the quality and the capabilities of the doors and openers we sell. We trust where our parts are sourced, and we know our service and repair technicians provide quality work.

We provide warranties on our products and services because we know they’re worth it. And, if there is a problem with something we sell, we’re here to fix it. That’s what you can expect when you purchase from us